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All About the Fort Wayne TinCaps

The beautiful thing about he start of the baseball season is the shear newness. No matter what happened the year before, the slate is clean and opportunity abounds in all realms. The fact is, every season brings new faces, new teams and – in some cases – a new team name or brand.

Fort Wayne is on the cusp of ushering in a new era that is brimming with excitement and anticipation. New park. New location. New team name. New team brand. New style. Same professional manner of business and focus of family entertainment. And, along the way, we get to watch future Major Leaguers during the minor moments.

Fort Wayne TinCaps Logo

Not surprisingly so, many visitors of this blog have come in search of information about the Fort Wayne TinCaps. I offer for you, a synopsis of what we know thus far. I invite you to follow along on Twitter or RSS as I continue to chronical history as it happens.

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Introducing the Tin Caps, Wizards Name Change Official

After more than 2,500 suggestions from the community and the scrutiny of Minor League Baseball on the finalists that were submitted, the Fort Wayne Wizards have a new name.Fort Wayne Tin Caps.

The Fort Wayne Tin Caps

Moving forward, the team will be called the Fort Wayne Tin Caps

The name was unveiled earlier during a press conference today. H/T to Brian at WhatsGoingDown(Town) for passing along the web link.

Fort Wayne, IN – When Parkview Field opens next season, Fort Wayne and the surrounding communities in Northeast Indiana, Northwest Ohio and Southern Michigan will be cheering on the Fort Wayne TinCaps. Hardball Capital CEO Jason Freier, and team general manager Mike Nutter, unveiled the team’s new identity and logo at a press conference at the Grand Wayne Center this morning.

The “TinCaps” moniker is a reference to the beloved pioneer Johnny Appleseed, who was known for wearing his tin cooking pot upon his head. The primary logo will be an apple wearing Johnny’s trademark “Tin Cap.” Two alternate logos will incorporate the City’s initials, “FW” with each a “Tin Cap” and an apple stem and leaf. The team’s primary color scheme will consist of organic colors — green, red and brown. This color scheme is consistent with both the Johnny Appleseed theme and the project goal of creating Parkview Field as a true park and gathering place within the center of downtown Fort Wayne.

“In Minor League Baseball you have the opportunity to create a brand that with a true regional flavor,” stated General Manager, Mike Nutter. “Johnny Appleseed, while known nationally, is a regional pioneer and folk hero. His story, and the history of this area, gives us an identity that is distinctively Fort Wayne. Johnny was a pioneer of the Midwest frontier in a time with seemingly endless opportunity. We feel a part of a new frontier in Fort Wayne’s growing downtown with the continued development of the Harrison Square project.”

Although the name and identity were arrived at (and were working their way through Minor League Baseball’s processes) prior to the time that the agreement was reached with Parkview Health to be the naming rights partner at Parkview Field, the confluence of the apple theme’s classic symbol of health and well-being, and the partnership with Parkview is viewed by both the team and Parkview as fortuitous.

The creation of a new identity for the team began with a community-wide “Re-Name the Team” contest that drew over 2,500 suggestions over the course of the two week entry period. Further input was collected from the community regarding some of the more prevalent categories identified as a result of the contest entries. At the close of the process all of the suggestions and input were considered by local and national marketing experts along with the team’s staff and ownership. The team sought a new identity that had its roots in the Fort Wayne community, would appeal to a wide audience and was unique in the crowded national sports landscape.

The TinCaps will begin play at Parkview Field on Thursday, April 16th at 7:00pm when they take on the Dayton Dragons on Opening Day of the new ballpark.

For more information on TinCaps season tickets, group outings or corporate partnerships for the 2009 season at Parkview Field contact the team at (260) 482-6400.

No major suprise to those who have been following the story. But now that it is official, please use this post as a forum to discuss. Comments are definately welcomed.