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More TinCaps’ Gear Has Arrived

The Fort Wayne TinCaps have introduced a wider selection of t-shirts and sweatshirts for children and adults, including the team’s full line of New Era on-field baseball caps

“We were crossing our fingers that the order would come so fans could get their fitted caps before Christmas,” said Assistant General Manager, Brian Schackow.

Read the full story at TinCaps.com.

Fort Wayne Reader Solicits Bloggers’ Input

Fort Wayne Reader Asks What's in a NameMichael Summers over at Fort Wayne Reader asks, “What’s in a name?” In doing so, you consulted the Fort Wayne TinCaps staff as well as local blogs and bloggers to present the details and reaction of the new Minor League Baseball moniker and logo to the team formerly called the Wizards.


In addition to Baseball in Fort Wayne, Summers consulted Fort wayne News, WhatsGoingDown(Town) and Common Sensibilities. Kudos to Summers for reaching out to this growing niche of local bloggers and blog readers!


Read the article here.

Parkview Field Rendering and Logo

Parkview Field at Harrison Square Rendering & Logo
Parkview Field at Harrison Square Rendering & Logo

The Parkview Field logo was released to the public today. Seen here on the rendering of Parkview Field at Harrison Square, Fort Wayne TinCaps General Manager Mike Nutter commented during the press conference that it is the work of local advertising agency, Boyden & Youngblutt. B&Y is also the agency of record for Parkview.

More TinCaps Reaction

PlanetGrove calls the TinCaps logo his “favorite new Minor League Baseball team logo” while Deadspin and is hoping for a clash of the mascots featuring Nightmare Ant and The “Ill Tempered Apple” (who has yet to receive an official name).

Cathy D still hates everything about it. T. R. Slyder isn’t very fond of it.  Dan Vance reminds us that it could have been worse (and “you could shut up”). Captain Spaulding calls it “dumb”. Multiple times. Wes Gaines can’t wait to get a hat . . . and a tetnus shot.

TinCaps Stories and Headlines

I cannot believe the number of headlines and opinions that have been circulating about the renaming of the Fort Wayne Wizards to the Fort Wayne TinCaps. I have attempted to categorize and present (many of) them here.

Discussion on Reation to the Fort Wayne TinCaps Name:

Discussion About TinCaps Mascots, Logos and Branding

Discussion Announcing the Wizards Name Change to TinCaps

Discussion of Tin Cap and Johnny Appleseed Historical Relevance:

Big Hat Tips to Angry White Boy (who despises the name) and the Spaulding’s at WGDT who reported the name well before the announcement. Props to Stephen at AroundFortWayne who has posted video and photos along with his analysis.

Wizards New Name…

A lot of people have been coming to this blog via this post in search engine results lately. Apparently, there are a lot of folks interested in the new name of the Fort Wayne baseball team. Unfortunately, I don’t have that answer.

Curious minds can find a few posts on other blogs that have done some domain registration digging and followed up on some “leaks” but I have chosen not to post anything until I hear it directly from the team and/or have permission to disclose the info.

For the record, I have neither of the two.

I’m anxiously awaiting the official word as much as you are. Personally, I hope they stick with Wizards and do another revamp of the branding much like was done in 1999 (I think that was the year).

Thoughts anyone?