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Note to Readers: Possible Downtime Coming

For many reasons that I will not go into detail, I wanted to provide readers with advance notice that I am going to be pulling this blog completely off-line in the very near future so I can do some significant cleanup before bringing it back. My goal is to get this all down in a relatively short window of time, but anything can happen.

Additionally, my intent is to update the look to something more consistent with hw the site has evolved over the years. You’ll probably see more of a “magazine” look and feel when it returns. Obviously, I do not know how this will impact RSS feeds and the like. If you are a subscriber, you may see hundreds of new posts when I do bring it back on-line. I really don’t know.

I apologize to you in advance for any confusion and inconvenience this might cause you. Thanks for your patience and support.

Featured at OurSpaceFortWayne

Through Twitter, I started following OurSpaceFortWayne. Today, Baseball In Fort Wayne was featured as the blog of the week. A big thank you goes to OSFW. Check it out:

Each Wednesday, OurSpace will feature an area organization, business or group that share the values of innovation, ingenuity and creativity. To have your entity featured, please send an e-mail to ourspacefortwayne@gmail.com along with a link to your website.

The Top Tens of 2008

Everyone else is doing it, so I guess I better too. Here are my top ten hit posts and top ten referrers of 1008. Thanks to all who have read and all who have referred. I’m looking forward to another great year in 2009!

Top 10 Posts:

  1. First Round Pick Kellen Kulbacki Joining Wizards
  2. Wizards No More? Fort Wayne’s 2009 Team
  3. Mitch Canham is the Herald’s Man of the Year in Sports
  4. 2008 Eric Wedge Baseball Camps
  5. Matt Latos to Join Fort Wayne
  6. Wizards Logo…The Best in Minor League Baseball
  7. Cedric Hunter Making Good on Promise
  8. Youth Baseball Thrives in Northeast Indiana
  9. Jarrod Parker to Debut with SilverHawks
  10. Nick Hundley to Join Padres’s Roster

Top 10 Referrers

  1. padreblogs.com
  2. whatsgoingdowntown.com
  3. indiana.typepad.com/fwob
  4. fwbaseballfed.org/links.htm
  5. abeautifulcity.org
  6. journalgazette.net/apps/pbcs.dll/Sect…
  7. pittsburghpirates.buccoblog.com/bucs-…
  8. jgwebblogs.typepad.com/wizards
  9. gaslampball.com
  10. neibaseball.org/links.shtml

New TinCaps Blog – The Watson Files

Dan Watson, radio voice of the Fort Wayne TinCaps, has launched a blog at the TinCaps website. In his first two posts at The Watson Files, he introduces himself and talks about his background in addition to pointing out some facts about Fort Wayne baseball history. He also provides a YouTube video for Loverboy’s “Working for the Weekend” video. You know you love it 🙂

Baseclearing: Offseason Updates…

Things will probably slow down here for a while now that the offseason is pretty much here. As news pops up and I am able to produce some interesting content, I’ll post. But probably not on a regular basis.

While I would be flattered if you were to visit this site daily, but I am also a realist. Here are some good ways for you to stay connected (or at least connect as I do).

If you are a user of RSS and RSS feeds, this blog has one. Simply click either of the links on the top of the right side of the page to add this blog’s feed to your preferred service (you can also click here).

Another great option is to have BBIFW posts delivered directly to your eMail inbox. Through a wonderful service called FeedBlitz, the process is simple. Again, the links are on the right side of the page, or you can click here to subscribe.

Whichever method you choose, I do you you will visit the site often and – as always – your comments are welcomed. You can either use my contact form to send me a private e-mail, or get some good dialogue going with all the blog’s readers by using the COMMENTS link that accompanies every post.

And, if all esle fails . . . follow me on Twitter.

It Might Be Dangerous . . . Paul DePodesta Blogs

One blog I have been passively following for about a month is that of San Diego Padres’ Special Assistant of Baseball Operations, Paul DePodesta. He has been maintaining his blog, “It Might Be Dangerous…You Go First” for about two months now and I have found it fun to follow some of his musings and ramblings about former Fort Wayne Wizards.

Here is a brief sample of some:

  •  AA Rotation: DePodesta talks about a quartet of talented pitchers at AA San Antonio. Among them is former Wizard, Matt Buschmann.
  • The Past Week: A review of the progress of three former Wizards; Matt Antonelli, Nick Hundley and Will Venable. You Will Venable doubters out there better wake up!
  • Calling Up Headley: DePodesa tells his readers to let him have it by asking any questions about the decision to call up uber-prospect, Chase Headley. Interestingly, he had to answer very little because other commentors answered for him. But still, quite insightful.
  • Baek for Wells: Insight into the trade that sent Jared Wells to Seattle.

Jared will be out of options next season, meaning that he has to be on the Major League roster for the entire year or be placed on outright waivers. Though we like Jared quite a bit, there were three elements in play: 1) given our current injuries, the need for immediate help at the Major League level, 2) the impending lack of roster flexibility with Jared, and 3) our other internal bullpen options going forward. Those three elements combined helped us to make this deal. It’s not as though we don’t think Jared Wells is a good pitcher – we do. Remember, when you make trades, you have to give up something of value – you don’t get something for nothing.

Do You Have a Midwest League Related Blog? Let Me Know!

I’m working on a project that is of particular interest to Midwest League bloggers to provide blog promotion and shared resources/information. I’m not quite ready to reveal it yet, but I wanted to get the process going. It’s free and purely opt-in – I am not automatically including anyone who doesn’t make a request. Until I get everything in place, you can get in on the ground floor by leaving a comment here. Be sure to include your blog name, URL and include your e-mail address in the field (it won’t get published). When I am ready to move it to the next level, I’ll touch base.

Criteria: 1.) It has to be a blog that is updated at least weekly – if you have a MWL-related site that is not a blog, please still leave your info for a related purpose; and 2.) It must deveote at least 50% of content to the Midwest League or one of it’s teams