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Historic Headlines: “Ossian Boy to Central Assocation”

Henline, the husky youth of Ossian, who has been pitching semi-professional ball hereabouts for some time, has signed a contract for a tryout with the Keokuk club of the Central association. Henline is quite well known in Fort Wayne baseball circles, having flung against local clubs on numerous occasions at Osslan (The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette; January 27, 1911).

Butch Henline (right) with Earl Mack (Left)

The “Henline” of course was none other than a young Walter John “Butch” Henline, who played in the majors with the New York Giants, Brooklyn Robins, Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago White Sox during a span from 1921-1931. He then served as an NL umpire from 1945 to 1948 and was on the staff of the 1947 All-Star game. As far as my research can tell, he did not make that Keokuk club. Their loss I guess.

The above photo is of Heline (right) greeting Earl Mack (Connie’s son) and is from my personal collection.