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BBIFW is Back, Sort of…

Well, it’s been several months since a self-imposed exile from Baseball in Fort Wayne. It’s given me much time to clear my head, focus on some other facets of life and try to move on without baseball on the brain 24/7. I’ve missed it, yes. And I have resisted returning several times. But I’ve decided that it’s time to get back on the field – well, on the blog at least.

What should you expect? Nothing to the extent of what you once did. There will not attempts to break stories or generate traffic based upon hot topics of the day. There won’t be any general posts for the sake of keeping things fresh.

Instead, from time-to-time, there will be posts that objectively cover and report on the Northeast Indiana happenings. If you send me press releases, the may be posted if they truly are noteworthy from a historical perspective. I’ll still cover MLB debuts from players linked to Fort Wayne when I can keep up. And I’ll continue to take photos at Parkview Field and any other games I attend.

So, I hope you are looking forward to another great season of baseball ahead. It’s sure to be another unique chapter in our local book of baseball lore. Stay tuned.

The Future of BBIFW

This may be the last post at BBIFW for me. When this blog began, it was meant as a way for people to get more information about the book, which was published more than three years ago. I have continued it as an extension of the book, a labor of love and a service to our community.

It’s been an honor for me to see so many people follow along and that is what makes this post so difficult for me to write. But there comes a time when you have to know when to walk away.

I could continue on and simply post links to trending news, but there are several reasons I refuse to do that. First, over the last several years, other entities have stepped up to provide more insightful resources and information. These sources did not exist even three years ago and I am continually impressed by their thoroughness and insight. Another reason I won’t allow this blog to become a news aggregator of sorts is a personal commitment that I made when I launched. I said – at the time – that if I cannot become something of substance that contributes to the Northeast Indiana Baseball community in a fashion that I would personally want to engage and follow, I would not produce it.

Today, I find myself with a very full life that includes many driving passions and interests that extend far beyond baseball. I find myself with fragmented thoughts and ambitions. In my mind, the only way a person should pursue anything they care about is to do it with a commitment to excellence – and that demands focus.

As people, in our effort to become proficient multi-taskers so we can “do more” we often become deficient and accomplish less. While it may be the case for some, “good enough” simply isn’t good enough for me.

The domain, the blog, and it’s current content will remain. My plans call for an update of WordPress when necessary, and may even go as far as to tweak the theme and plugins if newer versions of the software demands it, but I do not plan to create new content anytime soon.

Content that would require constant updating (such as the local ties page) will probably go away. There will come a time when it will become even more stale and inaccurate than it is now – so I see no reason for it to remain.

Now, with all that said, I welcome anyone who would like to become a contributor to BBIFW and carry it on. Just hop over to the contact page or leave a comment to this post and we can discuss.

God bless you all.


Faded Glory Coming to Cinema Center May 12th

Faded Glory is a true story of a group of aging athletes, good friends for over 18 years, who never gave up the dream of playing baseball at a competitive level. Through the eyes of their manager Rick Cohen, Faded Glory follows the National Network team, 18 men over the age of thirty-five who have overcome life’s adversities, including injury, divorce, bankruptcy, infidelity, drug addiction, incarceration, and one life-threatening disease. It all takes place as National tries to win a National Amateur Baseball World Series title. Faded Glory is a captivating document of friendship, courage, humor, and the indomitability of the human spirit.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010, 7:00p.m.

Cinema Center Downtown
437 E. Berry Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Advance online tickets are available up to 5:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday, May 12, 2010. At the door tickets are $25.00 and do not include the virtual swag bag.

Your ticket includes admission to the screening, virtual swag bag with free movie download, and a post film Q & A with Director / Producer Richard A. Cohen. Richard will be available to sign autographs.

Just When You Thought National Public Radio Was Safe…

Tomorrow, be sure to tune to WBOI 89.1 fm tomorrow at 12PM for a taste of Baseball in Fort Wayne during Midday Matters: Artcentric. Though I will not be there live, you will hear my prerecorded segment where I discuss the rich baseball heritage of Northeast Indiana, the book and more. If you’re not able to catch the segment during the live broadcast, the podcast is archived at WBOI’s website in their “Jukebox” section.

This is sort of a return to my roots. I interned at NIPR back in 1998 or 1999 when I was in my last year of college. Was kind of fun to walk back into the station and consider that it has been a decade since that time.

Special thanks to Julia Meek and Phil Shaull for hosting me and helping to spotlight the local lore of our National Pastime.

New BBIFW Theme

Yeah. It was a long time coming. I’ve taken the bold step of building my own theme for Baseball in Fort Wayne. Trying to clean it up a bit. Of course there are some other cool things to be added and tweaks to be made, but this is pretty much what I will have going forward.

What do you think? Please comment and let me know.

Yes, This Blog Still Exists and I Will Update

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and you are looking forward to an exciting New Year. You have probably noticed that I have not been updating BBIFW much lately. There are several reasons for that, but let me first tell you that I have no plans to “pull the plug” and am looking forward to another great year here at BBIFW.

The 2009 season quite frankly wore me out. While it was great to follow the TinCaps’ success, as a Cubs fan, I pretty much lost a lot of joy for the game last season. At the same time, my family added a member (bringing our household to five), and things got kicked up a notch in both my career and my walk with God.  As those things competed for my time, BBIFW became the unfortunate sacrifice.

I have no idea what 2010 will bring, but my priorities remain firm. I’ll continue to update as it seems appropriate and time allows. In the meantime, thank you for your loyal following and passion for Baseball in Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana.

Note to Readers: Possible Downtime Coming

For many reasons that I will not go into detail, I wanted to provide readers with advance notice that I am going to be pulling this blog completely off-line in the very near future so I can do some significant cleanup before bringing it back. My goal is to get this all down in a relatively short window of time, but anything can happen.

Additionally, my intent is to update the look to something more consistent with hw the site has evolved over the years. You’ll probably see more of a “magazine” look and feel when it returns. Obviously, I do not know how this will impact RSS feeds and the like. If you are a subscriber, you may see hundreds of new posts when I do bring it back on-line. I really don’t know.

I apologize to you in advance for any confusion and inconvenience this might cause you. Thanks for your patience and support.

Chad on TV

I got so caught up in the hooplah of opening night and the many things going on in my life that I haven’t even had time to point out that I was on TV no once, but twice. Many thanks to Dean Pantazi of Indiana’s News Center and Chris Hopper of WaneTV for taking the time out to touch base and involve me.

On WaneTV (With Chris Hopper)

On Indiana’s News Center (With Dean Pantazi)

Twittering to a New Level

You may have noticed a new page here at Baseball in Fort Wayne. It’s my “Twitter Feed” page that contains a flash widget that provides the last several “tweets” I’ve done. I decided to do this becuase I think it provides a really nice extension to the BBIFW community. Also, I often will post tidbits of Fort Wayne related news that doesn’t make its way into a full post becuase there simply isn’t enough content or time for me to do so.

Also on that page, I’m going to maintain a listing related entities or persons I find on Twitter. So far, I have found the Dayton Dragons (@DaytonDragons), Kane County Cougars (@KCCougars) and the West Michigan WhiteCaps (@Whitecaps). I’ve also found the Portland Beavers (@portlandbeavers), the Triple-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres. 

Would love to see the reast of the Midwest League teams (and he MWL for that matter) make their way onto Twitter.