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Baseball in Fort Wayne - CoverThe Fort Wayne Wizards’ 1993 arrival marked the beginning of professional baseball in northeast Indiana for many.

However, the city boasts a rich baseball heritage that traces its roots to the very origins of the game. In fact, baseball and its record books begin with Fort Wayne. Over more than 135 years, dozens of teams have called Fort Wayne their home field, making players into local legends and stars who excelled in the spotlight of baseball’s biggest stage.

Baseball in Fort Wayne recounts the sport’s presence in the city, from the earliest days of 1871’s Kekiongas to today’s Wizards, as well as those who took the field in between.

A lifelong northeast Indiana resident, author and baseball historian Chad Gramling has collected images and lore from many significant sources. The resulting tribute represents fascinating accounts of the game’s history in Fort Wayne sure to be enjoyable for any baseball fan.

BOOK UPDATES: A book like Baseball in Fort Wayne is bound to contain facts and information that the author learns after publication. I am using the space below to present such items (as well as any corrections) as I become aware of them. Please feel free to contact me should you know of others. Thanks.

  • p24: Text indicates Everett Scott’s consecutive games streak stretched from June 20, 1916 through May 6, 1916. The latter year should read 1925.
  • p35: Bottom picture, player on bottom row, first from left is Jim Saxton. [credit to Larry Coblentz]
  • p71: Text reads that “On June 13, 2000 Nick Hundley extended…” The correct date is June 13, 2006.
  • p106: Text indicates that Dan Serafini had concluded his Major League career. At the time of publication, he was playing in Japan and returned to MLB soon after publication as a member of the Colorado Rockies.
  • p117: Text indicates stats for Josh Barfield during the 2001 season. The correct date is the 2002 season.
  • Page 51 Top picture is 2002 team
  • Page 51 Bottom picture is 2001 team
  • Page 61 Top picture from L to R (Tony Cosentino, Troy Schader, Manager Craig Colbert, unidentified pitcher, John Scheschuk (#34), Ben Risinger, Jason Moore)
  • Page 78 John Puccinelli
  • Page 124 Blaire DeHart

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A Glimpse of Northeast Indiana Baseball History