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This site is dedicated to the players, managers, owners, organizers, fans and anyone else who has been a part of Fort Wayne’s baseball heritage. Your love for and participation in the greatest of all sports was the inspiration for my book, Baseball in Fort Wayne (Images of Baseball), and what ultimately compelled me to produce this site.

My ultimate hope for this site is that it will become a central community resource for those who are interested in baseball in Fort Wayne and surrounding communities. Fort Wayne boasts a baseball legacy that few can match, despite there being no Major League club presence outside the memories and Fort Wayne Wizard’s affiliation as a single-A Minor League Baseball organization.

This site will be a standing tribute to that history and be a link from past to present to future. I welcome your comments, suggestions and contributions.

Play Ball!

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  1. we recently moved here from calif and my son wants to continue playing baseball. he has played since he was 6 years old. he is currently 14 and attending homestead high school and really wants to play this year. can you give me some contact information so i can get the ball rolling. thanks…dan

  2. Welcome to the Fort Dan! I bet the Home prices suprised you!!
    For a basball player source you can’t go wrong by contacting Rich Dunno…He used to own the Strike Zone and it would be hard to find a better pitching Coach here in town! or260.705.7424 and he is always willling to talk baseball!!!

  3. Hello,

    I wanted to know if Tom Tornincasa is mentioned in your book.

    I know little about baseball but if my brother is mentioned, I would like to purchase your book.

    Warmest regards,
    Jeri Tornincasa

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