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Baseball in Fort WayneThe Baseball in Fort Wayne blog is going stronger than ever, with spring training producing a lot of traffic from researchers and fans looking for information about new and emerging faces on their teams. The Baseball in Fort Wayne book has reached a point in it’s life where the publisher (Arcadia) is reducing warehouse inventory. That being the case, I have been offered the opportunity to purchase copies at a discounted rate. So I have decided to make this into an opportunity that is a win-win-win-win for the readers/buyers, the publisher, me and the Northeast Indiana Baseball Association (NEIBA).

I have purchased some of the available copies. I intend to sell all of them at a rate that is discounted from the cover price AND $1.50 from each book sale will be donated to NEIBA! That’s right, $1.50 from EVERY BOOK SOLD.

To make this an easy process of managing the sales, shipping and inventory, I have set up a PayPal checkout process (see below). Please use this to make your purchase. I am happy to personally sign each that one that you buy. If you need more room to give me specific signing instructions, please send them via my on-line contact form AFTER you have made your purchase.

$17.00 Sales Price + Shipping (Media Mail). $1.50 of every purchase donated to the Northeast Indiana Baseball Assocation! Supply is limited, so order today!

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