Fort Wayne Daisies’ Havlish Donates Glove to Hall of Fame

Jean Havlish, who played shortstop for the Fort Wayne Daisies in 1953 and 1954 has donated her three-finger glove to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

“I got the glove in 1953 and played both years in the league with it,” Havlish said. “I even used it playing catch up to this year, and it’s in pretty good shape. I hated to part with it because it was a part of me, but I am very happy to have it in Cooperstown. It is overwhelming.”

Read more at the Hall of Fame’s website. Hat tip to Dan at for referring the link.

4 thoughts on “Fort Wayne Daisies’ Havlish Donates Glove to Hall of Fame”

  1. Is this Jean Havlish the professional bowler also?She is a distant relative of mine,but I was very young when I met her and I can’t recall if she played baseball or not. Thank You

  2. Hi Janet-Thanks for visiting and commenting. A handful of former Daisies went on to become professional and semi-professional bowlers. So it may very well be the same.

  3. Hello, Yes my sister Jean after her baseball career, went on to be inducted into the national bowling Hall of Fame

  4. My good friend Virginia Hester played for the Fort Wayne Daisies when she was a very young girl. She often talked about her experience. But she said she was too young to stay with the team. She just recently passed away on Oct. 31st with Ovarian cancer. She went on to be a great coach for girls and boys teams. This is to her memory.

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