Travis Chick Signs with Dodgers

Former Wizards pitcher, Travis Chick has signed a free agent contract with the Los Angeles Dogers.

“I’m excited about playing for the Dodgers,” he said in a phone interview. “I have played against Los Angeles teams in both the Southern and Pacific Coast Leagues and have seen that they are well-coached.” He turned down a number of other offers to sign with the Dodgers [ h/t]

Should be a year of opportunity for Chick. For more on the career of the oft-traveled 7-year minor league, check out the Wizards Where R They post I did on Chick last August.

One thought on “Travis Chick Signs with Dodgers”

  1. Travis, I have been watching and hoping for years. I hope that this is the break that you need.

    Take care and good luck.

    Sam Boyd, Your First Agent!

    Dallas, Texas

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