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Note: I have often blogged about former Wizards and where their career paths have taken them since their Fort Wayne stint(s). For instance, I blogged about Vince Faison and his return to college to play football a few days ago. Even today, one of the most popular search phrases that hits this site is “Where is Sean Burroughs?” and I routinely get similar hits for Matt Bush (BTW: If you want to know, Bush had Tommy John late last season and will only pitch in instructional league play if at all in 2008. Burroughs is out of baseball to my knowledge . . . please correct if I am wrong). So with this post, I begin a new post category called “Wizards Where R They?” I’ll go back to some old posts and add them to this category when I have time.

First up, Greg Sain.

Greg Sain was selected by San Diego Padres in 5th Round (150th overall) of the 2001 amateur entry draft. In 2002, the infielder reported to the Wizards and appeared in 105 games. Over 287 at-bats, he compiled a .245 average with 13 home runs and 57 RBI’s. He also drew 25 walks and scored 54 runs with 95 hits. The following year, he was promoted to high-A Lake Elsinore where he boosted his average to .274. The future for the prospect held much promised.

However, as MadFriars.com Senior Writer, John Conniff reported in 2007, the baseball gods offered few opportunities and cast injuries on the first/third baseman to the point where he was forced to make a difficult decision.

[A]after six long years of chasing the major league dream he finally had enough. “I could see that my opportunities were getting smaller as I got older. I had to decide if I want to keep playing baseball just because I love it or to move on with my life, and I chose to move on”

Sain played in the Padres organization for five years and made three all star teams, led two leagues in home runs. He was ranked in Baseball America’s Top 30 Prospects three times. Yet, he never had a single at bat with the Padres or with any major league club.

The unfortunate reality was that Sain never was in the right situation with the right club. There were either too many prospects ahead of him to block his development, or injuries and defensive difficulty eroded future big league aspirations.

In Spring Training of 2006, he was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers, and was released. Before the year was up, he was released from the New York Yankees and spend time in independent baseball. Despite some non-roster invitations in 2007, Sain chose to return to school and pursue his degree.

“You can handle the low pay and the bus rides when you think something is at the end of the road, but when you can’t see it anymore its time to get off.”

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  1. That’s a shame. Sain went to my alma mater and I saw him play many times in college. I always thought he’d be able to contribute to a big-league team if given the opportunity. Here’s hoping he finds success in whatever comes next.

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