From the Baseball Field to the 4-H Field

I came across an interesting article about Ruth (Kramer) Hartman today. In the Lancaster Times, there is an article titled From Curveballs To Corriedales. It discusses many different facets of the former Fort Wayne Daisies player (of the AAGPBL) – her career, the Hall of Fame and life after baseball . . . and life after that.

Hartman received a call while she was attending college at East Stroudsburg in 1946. She had pitched for a men’s team in downtown Reading when a scout, [another player with Fort Wayne ties] Max Carey, saw her play and contacted her.

Soon after that, she was trying out for the Racine Bells, but had trouble adjusting to the size of the ball. She struggled so much so, it appeared she would be heading home without a roster spot.

Fortunately, the Fort Wayne Daisies were playing the Racine Belles that evening and the Daisies coach picked up on Hartman’s talent and signed her on to the team.

She played with the Daisies for two years and then went on to enjoy a 36-year teaching career that included 16 as a softball coach. In 1992, she was inducted into the Hall of Fame along side many of her other AAGPBL cohorts. She was later brought in to assist with script developmen tof A League of Their Own.

Hartman retired from teaching 15 years ago and joined her granddaughter in developing her 4-H sheep exhibition. Recently she received a silver plate from Australia, and secured the title of “Outstanding Shepherd of the Year” for the Corriedale breed.

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